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Morroni in Rocky Balboa and Creed“I was in the Creed filming on January 29, 2015 in Philadelphia – Creed is my second Rocky film, I also appeared in Rocky Balboa. I submitted my photo and information to the casting agency just as I did for Rocky Balboa and I got a call back!

Daniel appears on screen in the restaurant scene at Adrian’s when Rocky is telling stories to a table of customers in the foreground. He can be seen sitting at a table in the background towards the right in this scene. Once Rocky Balboa came out, Daniel “went to dinner at Victor café aka Adrian’s Restaurant for dinner and then went to see the movie with 12 friends. It was very cool seeing me in the film.”


“For Creed, I attended Adonis Creed’s fight scene which was filmed at the Temple Performing Arts Center in Philly that was once a church. I was seated in the audience next to actress Tessa Thompson who is playing Adonis Creed’s girlfriend and in the scene we are cheering Adonis on during his fight. Sylvester Stallone was next to me during the entire 15 hour shoot; he spent a lot of time chatting and joking with us. As a director, Stallone was very hands-on and gave us instructions during the shooting.

“Michael B. Jordan was in the ring for this shoot and he interacted with us also. As for his boxing skills – let’s just say whoever trained him did a great job. He looked like a real pro fighter. His footwork and techniques were outstanding. I boxed and I looked for those things. He is in great shape and the boxing is going to come across like a professional fight. I’m a former amateur boxer myself; I started at age 45 and was part of celebrity boxing; I fought Rodney King and Taylor Made from VH1 and had a scheduled fight With Michael Lohan, but he had gotten into trouble at the time and thus the fight was cancelled.”

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