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October 2015

“Every generation laughs at the old fashions, but follows religiously the new.”- Henry David Thoreau


The changing of the seasons brings several new trends worth watching. Whether you’re ready to update your wardrobe or simply enjoy noting new developments, here are four noteworthy concepts from designers’ Fall/Winter 2015 offerings:

Go gray. This season, many designers’ lines are dominated by gray clothing, ranging from ensembles created with just a single gray tone to outfits that involve a range of gray hues and shadings. Heathers and stripes, sleek silks or comfortable cable-knits, are all dominated by gray.
Add green. The second most sought-after color for this fall and winter are greens. Several designers focused on the heavier shades, including forest and military greens, which were often paired with neutral browns.
Layer in style. Most cool-weather fashions involve some layering, but this season, designers have extended that concept beyond the traditional sweater by using multiple thin layers of clothing to create outfits that not only provide warmth but also style. Consider slipping a fine wool sweater under a thicker layer, for a look that’s comfortable in any weather and elegant.
Give the trousers room. Designers’ major trend in the cut and fit of suits was a loosening of trousers. Trousers on the runway were far roomier than they have been during the last several years, and had higher waists.
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Question: How do I choose cuff links? 
Answer: There are several good approaches to choosing cuff links. You may want to wear cuff links that carry personal meaning, such as an heirloom set or gift from a loved one. Your cuff links can also show support of a group you value, such as your political affiliation, your alma mater, or a philanthropic cause you support. Or, you may choose cuff links as a tribute to your culture or geographical region.

Ideally, the best cuff links have visual appeal on both sides, instead of having one decorative side and one plain side. However, a fantastic design may be worth having a standard swivel on the back side.

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