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Butch Chic:  Unisex styles are here to stay, So what does that mean for lesbian women !. Women who prefer a more masculine cut to their suits and pants have had very little options in the past more so if you have curves or more of a full figure.  We here at Morroni Custom clothing have made been making custom clothing for lesbians over the past seven years. chris4                                                                                                                       viola1-300x233We have what we call masculine fashion cut’s and since it’s custom we can design just about any style you like. We can make a masculine cut fit a women’s curves and body type better then off the rack garment.  We take over forty-five measurements and create a pattern for your body only. Same sex weddings are our specialty where we have made over two hundred couples happy on their wedding day.  Whether it’s a full custom pantsuit paired with a cool vest and custom Oxford shoes for the big day or just everyday business attire call Morroni Custom Clothing.  Bridegrooms have said they love how happy they are that they found us for two reasons –meg-malloy-eml viola2-200x300They feel relaxed and comfortable in our studio and the selection is off the charts with over two thousand fabric choices more then they have ever seen.s5       Women1-225x300