Do you love a dress from the 2018 Oscar’s? Let us make a custom style just for you!

March 9th, 2018

The 2018 Oscar’s have come and gone, but the lasting effects of the beautiful styles of dresses and gowns will be the talk from millions of women for weeks to come.

Now most do not have the budget of the Hollywood elite but who said you can’t have a similar look that won’t break the bank. Fatma, Yelanda and myself picked several beautiful looks that any women would love to wear and we can create a similar look with same details.

We can’t replicate 100 percent but pretty darn close. We only make from scratch with several fittings, there is a pattern made just for you by us, so don’t worry if your figure is notĀ  as of a movie starĀ  ,when we finish you will look like one.

All of our dresses are made here locally , the process takes several months. Once you pick a style and fabric we will work up an estimate and then watch out! Red Carpet here you come.