• To me, there was no greater feeling than putting on my Eagles uniform. I get that same feeling when I suit up in a Dan Morroni fashioned outfit. Whether it’s going on stage to give a speech or wanting to look my best for a night out on the town with my wife, it’s the Morroni look that I turn to.

    Vince Papale

    Former Philadelphia Eagle

  • I have been a client of Dan’s since February of 1996. While I appreciate the convenience of his coming to my office and the options in terms of fabrics and styles, what sets Dan apart is his own sales style. Ever since the very first appointment almost ten years ago, he has always been a very low-key and soft seller. He never tried to get me to spend more than I was comfortable spending–which has gone up over the years– or even to buy anything. Dan takes a personal interest in his clients. In fact, we have become good friends over the years. All of the recent accolades are both well deserved and long overdue. If you are considering custom clothing, call Dan. Even if you are not certain if custom clothing is for you, call him first and then decide. If nothing else, it is good to be aware of the options in the marketplace.

    Robert Bovarnick

  • I have known and worked with Dan for over 16 years. He is simply the best at what he does! He is professional, personable, convenient, accurate in his measurements, and he delivers the best quality product you can get; everything always fits better than a glove, is incredibly durable, and is at a tremendous value. Everything I have purchased remains to look and wear like new, and I always get compliments on his suits and shirts. He will make you look like a million bucks, always!

    Will Martin

  • I want to say thank you to my family, friends, and fans for all your love and support this season of “Blood vs. Water”. I played the game the way I wanted to play it, and I don’t regret any moves I made. I didn’t win, but I’m proud that my left hand man Tyson Apostol did. He played a great game. Coconut Bandits for life. Also, a shout out to my tailor Daniel Morroni Sr. for making a great custom made suit; you had me looking like a million bucks! I love you all.

    Gervase Peterson

    Runner Up of “Survivor: Blood vs. Water”

  • Dan provides some of the most well-designed clothes I have ever come by. He comes to you when you need him to and always offers value with reasonable pricing as well as very high quality products. I highly recommend his services.

    Andrew Benioff

  • Dan is great. Always there for you and has a smile. Nothing is ever too much for him!

    Janet Catwell-Papale

  • I like that Dan comes to my office, and he has attractive clothing at a reasonable price that fit well and rarely need additional alterations.

    David Pudlin

  • I’m a hard fit, and when I first met Dan, he took my measurements with such precision that my suit fit perfectly right out of the block. Aside from his knowledge and professionalism, the quality of the workmanship also impressed me. He pointed out the differences that sets him apart from most other custom clothiers.

    Joe Cafiso

  • Convenience, predictability, and–above all–quality is what makes Morroni a step above the rest.

    Jeff Gentilotti

  • Thank you ! I felt great on my wedding day. I wanted to Give you a few photos from the day. I really appreciate the time and care you took in helping me look and feel my best.

    Meg Malloy


  • Having already broke the internet with Wedding’ stuff, I just wanted to briefly thank & recommend Daniel Morroni Sr. Of Morroni Custom Suits for the amazing work he did on my suit & Erika’s dress. He worked from photos & our ideas & nailed it. They do it all (custom shoes as well). He is a super nice guy; very easy going & professional to the max. He does work for many television personalities & sports figures as well, which I did not know until later…Pretty neat. Thanks again, Dan!

    Ryan and Erika

  • I have known and used Dan as my personal tailor for many, many years. He has proven himself as the top of his profession. Dan offers a tremendous range of fabrics and styles. He literally and figuratively tailors his services perfectly to his customers’ particular needs. He has a great sense of humor and a positive personality even in the hardest of times. If you are looking for someone to make you look good in comfortable, high-quality, and stylish clothing, Dan is the man.

    Chuck Craven

  • Dan made my first custom suit back in 2002; I’ve never purchased a suit “off the rack” ever since! I was amazed at how cost effective the process was. I never had to leave my office. He came to my location, took measurements, and–a few weeks later–delivered my new suit! The quality is second to none, and I always get compliments when wearing one of these fine garments! I would–and have–recommend Dan to any of my friends and family!

    Robert Barnhardt Jr.

  • Daniel is a wonderful guy with a great sense of humor. I have purchased custom clothing from him for years. He always has a fabulous selection from which to choose, and he gives excellent personalized service and expert advice. I would not buy my custom made clothes from anyone else.

    Jim Pabarue

  • Dan delivers beautifully-tailored, top-quality business wear. He has excellent taste and an eye for suits, jackets, and blouses that will stand out.

    Meredith Auten

  • Once you buy a custom suit from Dan, you will never go back to “off the rack”.

    Dominic Fahey

  • I was introduced to Dan Morroni a few years ago thanks to a close friend, and I will never purchase another “off the rack” suit again. Dan is the real deal. He knows style and he knows how to customize suits, jackets, and shirts–among other things–to make you look your best at all times. His attention to detail and customer service is what sets him apart from the rest. I have had a genuine, terrific experience, and I tend to continue to do business with Dan Morroni for many more years to come.

    Dean Smith

    CEO of ICU Corporation

  • There are two reasons why I deal with Dan: a first-rate product and personal service. Once you go with Morroni, it’s difficult to be satisfied buying clothes from anyone else.

    Harry Schiavi

  • I have the privilege of being one of Dan’s long-time clients. Every one of my suits–including the lovely tuxedo he made for my daughter’s recent wedding–as well as sport coats, trousers, and shirts have been made by Dan. It has been so long since I bought “off the rack” that only Dan knows my size. This is a good thing, because “off the rack” has never fit me well. My Dan Morroni suits frequently receive compliments, and I wouldn’t be seen in anything else.

    David Hope

  • In my years of using Dan’s professional services, I have found out that selection, convenience, and service doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. In being an active participant of my family’s life and managing a financial services practice, shopping for clothes never makes it onto the list of things to do. Dan has made the process fit into my schedule. Thanks, Dan!

    Oscar Mestre

  • Dan, You are the Man! When people ask me where I get my suits from I actually say “my man, Dan the man”. I know I’ve told you in person, and I wanted to tell you again Thank you. Thank you for your level of Detail, Your Advice, and your Patience and commitment in putting up with me. I appreciate all you do, and look forward to working with you for a long time to come.

    Mike Fromhold

  • As someone who’s made his mark on air as a television anchor especially known for bright shirt and tie combinations, Dan has been an exceptional and unparalleled part of that recognition. Solely because of Dan I’ve added wearing a full suit on air along with my custom Morroni shirts. The quality is paramount second only to Dan’s professional demeanor and stand up salesmanship. No pressure, just guidance and expertise. I can’t imagine wearing anyone else’s label both professionally or personally than Dan’s.

    Bob Kelly

    Traffic Anchor, Good Day Philadelphia, FOX 29

  • Everyone was amazed by the suit and even more shocked when I opened up the inside, loved every detail.

    Elizabeth Earle

  • Daniel Morroni Sr. is the man I go to when I need to dress for an occasion. Not only is he a great friend, but he has been my personal tailor for several years, with many more years to come. His knowledge, style, and customer service make him stand out against all the rest. Make an appointment with Dan–the best tailor in the Tri-State Area–to customize your formal wardrobe. You won’t be disappointed.

    Bernie Parent

    Former Philadelphia Flyer

  • I’ve always dreaded spending time in shopping malls and men’s stores. So, when I first discovered Dan Morroni about ten years ago, it was the perfect solution to my wardrobe needs. Dan keeps me up-to-date and in-style with so little effort on my part.

    Brian Reaver

  • Exceptional quality, craftsmanship, and service is what you can expect when you look to Dan Morroni as your haberdasher. For over 2 years he has been impeccably dressing me to look my best, no matter the occasion. His custom apparel is always an absolute perfect fit, and his materials are of the highest quality you will find anywhere. Dan’s eye for color and style, paired with his superior level of dependability and service make him valuable beyond estimation.

    Ed Remster

    CEO of American Crane & Equipment Corporation

  • As I’m sure is the case with virtually all of your clients, the convenience and ease you provide is priceless. Of course, convenience must be matched by quality and cost effectiveness, and that is where our association has been so gratifying for me.

    Paul Freedman

  • I have been buying clothes from Dan for over 8 years. Every piece of clothing has fit me perfectly along with having the highest of quality. Dan has provided me with everything from dress pants to business shirts and ties to my wedding suit. I would highly recommend him to anyone who is interested in purchasing custom made clothes.

    Mike Evangelista

  • With a 42-inch chest and 31-inch waist, I never fit into any designers since they were all made for larger men with larger waist. Dan’s suits were impeccably cut and tailored to fit me perfectly. Who needs Versace, when I have Morroni.

    Neal Pollack

  • My experience with Dan Morroni has been very favorable. He is insightful, genuine, and very knowledgeable in the men’s fashion industry. Moreover, his prices are very reasonable for such a high-quality product. I highly recommend him!

    Alan Zarrelli

  • I had the pleasure of first meeting Dan, when he was employed by one of his current competitors; he knew his fabrics and styles and fitted me perfectly; I was very pleased. Now that Dan has his own business, things are even better. The quality of the suits, sports coats, and shirts is unmatched, and the minute you own one, you immediately stand out from the crowd as someone who values how he looks and the impression he makes. Dan is a total pro. His work is on time, the fabric choices are just incredible, and he never pressures you into getting something. You cannot go wrong with Dan as your personal haberdasher, whether it is for just one item or more.

    David Blake

  • I have known Dan for a number of years, and he has made clothing for me, my family, and friends. Great workmanship and materials, excellent fit for everything I have bought, and he delivers great value on all that he provides. I very highly recommend him.

    Paul Tully

  • Working with Daniel and his team to produce our custom suit event was an absolute pleasure. I was amazed by their knowledge, professionalism, and customer service. Our customers that attended the event continuously ask me when we are bring Dan back for a future event. The event was extremely profitable due to the model we executed under. It allowed us to see our customers twice in the building, once for the sizing and a second time for the fitting. This model allowed us to reach a broader group of customers because their value was pretty much doubled by creating two visits on one promotional cost.

    Joel Freedman

    Vice President of Player Development