Details, Details, And More Details

The Whole and The Seams

Using European Styling the whole of the jacket is very uniquely stitched from the inside so that no thread is visible.

Each seam is reverse stitched with double stitch technology to ensure long lasting durability and comfort. Our coats have beautifully hand crafted collars, with leaf-turned edges for perfect fit and alignment.

The Shell and Lining

The shell of the jacket and lining are stitched at the same time creating a perfect twin for the other. The finest details are considered when our jackets are being constructed. The linings are individually shaped and sewn with 100% Cupro Bemberg or satin/silk linings (upon request) with imported interfacings to bring fluidness to the jacket. We use matching lining on our jackets as a standard but can use contrast or patterned lining should you prefer something a little different.

The Little Things

The lapels and pockets are exquisitely hand sewn upon request. By standard the shoulders are hand shaped and sewn, using only the finest silk thread for stability, strength, and comfort.

Upon request, the buttons on the sleeves of our jackets are masterfully hand stemmed, and the jacket sleeve buttonholes can become functional, truly bringing Morroni Fino Toccare to the highest level of old world craftsmanship.

The Inside and The Collar

Our jackets have plenty of pockets on the inside for passports, pens, wallets and business cards, and glasses–if you don’t smoke cigars; they are ideal for traveling. The outside lower pockets are double piped to allow the wearer to use the flaps as well as tuck them inside.

The undersides of our collars are felt lined to provide that extra roll which distinguishes an average piece of clothing from a top of the line garment.

The Vents and The Extra Mile

To distinguish from the normal or standard work on jackets, center vent and side vents have that extra surface/fabric on the underside, which does not allow the lining to show even if the vents flap.

We include extra facing from the same fabric on the inside of the sleeve cuffs to ensure that linings do not show when lifting the arms. We also use specially designed perspiration parches for the under arm area of the jacket. Also generous 3 to 4 inch margins are available in all of our garments for easy alteration when necessary.

Over 180 under-pressing steps are done to our garments ensuring a beautiful suit that has integrity as well as style. Thirty to forty hours of detailed labor goes into our Bench Grade suits; you’ll receive a garment fashioned with patience and pride and shipped in a large hanger box with wooden suit hanger–ready to wear when we bring it to you.