100% Original Craftsmanship

Even a new “off the rack” suit will give you instant self confidence. But when you walk into a room, the confidence vanishes. You just don’t stand out from the crowd. The reason is that your suit is just not as custom made as you thought it was.

Many tailors part-prepare suits in advance using a non-custom design and standard measurements. The result is a suit that isn’t truly made for you. Some tailors also save time and money by gluing the interlinings, rather than truly crafting a suit by using full canvas construction. This makes for a suit that looks good when you take it home but that rapidly loses it’s definition.

A custom suit made by Daniel Morroni will give you the silent, unshakeable confidence of knowing that you are perfectly presented. You will be personally measured by Dan. Your suit will be crafted using full canvas construction from his precise measurements. With his expertise you can make the right decisions on style, fabric and cut to blend perfection.

Your suit will be then created using the finest materials and highest standards of craftsmanship. The result is always a unique creation with a perfect fit that reflects your personal style. Experience true confidence the next time you walk into the room.