Folding Pocket Squares

July 29th, 2015

Pocket squares offer a quick, inexpensive way to add flair and color to your suit. For the best effect, learn these easy folding methods and you’ll get even more mileage out of that small square of color.

Here are three simple and debonair methods of folding pocket squares:

Flat Fold– Lay your pocket square flat. Fold it in half from left to right, then fold it in half from bottom to top, leaving the bottom edge just short of the top. Tuck in your pocket with a slight angle that points to your shoulder.

The Puff– Lay your pocket square flat. Pick up the center and let the corners hang down. Flatten as many of the creases as possible so it will lay more smoothly in your pocket. Grasp it around the middle with the opposite hand and gently tuck into your pocket.

Single Point– Lay your square flat with one corner pointing up. Pull the bottom corner up to meet the top corner. Now fold the left corner over to the right until it is halfway between the left fold and the right corner. Bring the right corner to the left until it touches the left fold. Tuck into your pocket.

There are plenty of other fun folding techniques for your pocket squares, so choose a new one today for a quick, colorful pick-me-up for your suit.

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