LGBT Wedding Attire

August 22nd, 2019

Morroni Custom Clothing is one of the best clothing shops for the LGBT community in South Jersey, Philadelphia and Delaware for gay couples getting married. With over twenty-five years of experience in making clothing, Morroni has mastered the market of truly understanding the needs of gay men and women on their wedding day apparel requirements. Daniel can help design a suit that is unique to anything you will find in a store. Fancy linings, custom linings with the couples photographs inside of the jacket. Morroni works one on one with each couple in a private, comfortable setting, and he has created over three hundred outfits for the LGBT community since 2001. Clients love the personal and attention that has made him one of the most sought after custom suit makers for his LGBT clients in New Jersey, Philadelphia and Delaware. Suites range from $895.00 to $1200 on average with over two thousand fabric swatches to choose. Below are some testimonials from clients. From Meg Bridegroom Everyone was amazed by the suit and even more shocked when I opened up the inside, loved every detail. From Elizabeth I happened across Morroni Custom when I googled LGBT friendly suiting options but also had the fabric colours I was looking for. I do not fit in men or women’s suits of the rack well at all and wanted a wedding outfit that would make me look and feel great. I am non-binary but tend to present more of a masculine; thus, I wanted a masculine cut suit that would fit my more feminine body. I wanted a quality suit that I could afford and not feel awkward talking through the suiting process and options. When I first met with Dan, I felt super at ease and will continue to build my wardrobe with him. Great place for suiting everyone, this suit is going to look amazing in photos.